Nordmann in pot (40-50cm)


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Nordmann spruces have thick, long, soft, dark green needles. Christmas tree grown in a pot, very good root system, transplantable. Christmas tree height 40-50 cm (with tile)

If the Christmas tree is to be kept in a room, it should initially be kept in a cooler place so that there is no very drastic temperature change. In the room, the Christmas tree should be placed in the coolest possible place – away from radiators and other heating elements. Care must be taken to ensure that the spruce root ball is moist and does not dry out. Watered as needed – if there is dry air in the room, then the spruce should be watered more often. It is recommended to place the pot in which the Christmas tree grows in a bowl (similar to flower pots with saucers) and then water the tree until water appears in the container under the pot.

The spruce should be kept in a pot until spring and then processed in the chosen place. However, it should be taken outdoors immediately after the holidays, so that it does not get used to the heat – it is desirable to have the time spent indoors as short as possible! A good option to store the Christmas tree until it can be processed is a balcony – of course, provided that the outdoor temperature is not lower than 10 – 15 degrees. It should also be taken into account that difficulties may overwinter in those trees that have felt the heat of candle flames during the holiday or have been covered with artificial snow.

The right time to plant a spruce is mid-April, when the ground has thawed. Then planting takes place – the tree should be as deep as it has grown in the pot. When taking the spruce out of the pot, it must not be pulled out by force – it must be carefully removed with all the land where the spruce roots are located. Once the Christmas tree is in the hole, make sure that the roots are free, do not bend upwards, but at the same time make sure that it is not inserted too deep into the hole. It must be watered thoroughly after planting. In addition, if it does not rain for some time after planting the spruce, the spruce should be watered every other day so that it can take root better. To grow the spruce better after transplanting, it can be covered with mulch.


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