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We sale Christmas trees – spruces since long time, and we always make ourselves sure that our customers always obtain Christmas trees of best quality.

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Order a Christmas tree without leaving home

ExtraHistory sources witness, that the tradition to decorate a tree in Christmas have its source more than 500 years ago, in Riga, present Latvia. 

Respecting traditions and wishing to make kind and peaceful celebration for everyone, we offer a simple and fast opportunity to order Christmas trees without leaving home.

We breed and deliver only Nordmann Premium Extra/Premium spruces due to their high quality, as well as their popularity in customers’ eyes. Our spruces have been bred in Denmark – a country famous due to its experience of more than a century in breeding and cultivation of spruces and has a perfectly appropriate climate. Since more than 12 years, our company maintains spruce nurseries that confirms our proficiency in breeding of high quality Christmas trees, so we also bring them home for Christmas celebration.

We offer:

  • Deliveries FOR FREE in Riga
  • Best quality product
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast and quick deliveries
  • Excellent client attention service
  • Wide range of articles and individual approach
  • Volume discounts;
  • Installation;


Why to Choose Us?
Quality and Experience
At this time, we manage an area of more than 350 ha, that allows us to offer high quality products for a competitive price, and we are capable to deliver big volumes of the products within short deadlines.

A satisfied customer is our highest value, so we work continuously with the aim to ensure best quality service.

We have accrued a long and successful experience in order to share with you our knowledge and the results obtained offering the most beautiful Christmas trees especially FOR YOU!

We are reliable in terms of ecology: The number of the trees prepared for deliveries always corresponds with the number of the sold ones. We do not produce trees which we would be forced to waste out!

We offer all necessary accessories – tree stands, delicate ornaments, and, of course, the most beautiful Christmas trees!

We know that before the celebration you must manage to prepare presents, to bake gingerbreads and to write congratulation cards, therefore we will deliver the ordered Christmas tree till the doors of your home anywhere in Latvia!