• We offer land cleaning for free* – cleaning of overgrown areas from trees and bushes, retaining the materials sawed instead of the payment
    • By cleaning a land from trees and bushes, we can get good quality chips (getting good quality chips, a customer earns an additional payment)
    • After the cleaning from bushes, we offer to process the field with a pesticide or a stump milling cutter in order to prevent growing of shoots from stumps
    • We buy up chips anywhere in Europe in big amounts
    • We buy up the chipping material from stacks by roads
    • We buy up bushes on fields or in forests (growing ones)
    • We buy up and sale chips
    • We work anywhere in the Baltic countries

      We do the full work cycle which consists of: 

        • Sawing undesirable bushes on agricultural lands and in melioration ditches
        • Carrying branches by tractors and making stacks by roads
        • Chipping and taking away branches
        • Best quality and tidy performed jobs (after finishing of works, we clean up the territory) 

       *Land cleaning service for free is not available in the following cases: if there is comparatively small amount of trees and bushes; if they are in big distance from each other; or if the trees and the bushes are very tiny and the chips obtained will be not of good quality.



      Stump Milling

      Stump milling and territory cleaning. In the outcome of milling, a pit and heap with sawdust and chips remain from the stump. We are able to transform a forest into an agricultural land.


      • Planting for reforestation purposes – proper good quality planting is a sure forest regeneration method guaranteeing optimal growing conditions for tree plants.
      • Forming and maintenance of Christmas tree fields.

      Young Growth Tending

      We offer to tend young growths. Both natural and artificial young growths need to be tended that means the forming of future composition of a forest stand and the release of a space for more perspective trees sawing out bad quality and retarded trees. Tending of a young growth or a composition has a high importance in the shaping of productive and high quality forest


      A thinning means a cutting in order to improve the growing and health conditions for remaining trees in a forest stand. First of all, in the process of thinning, they cut out the trees damaged by destroyers or diseases and other trees retarded trees having excessive amount of branches, curved ones and trees forks. Such trees will not got a good quality and will not survive.

      Clear Cuttings

      In the clear cutting, they cut out all trees, except viable young trees and parent trees (if decided to leave ones). After the clear cutting, the forest shall be regenerated artificially (by sowing or planting).


      A logging includes: cutting of trees, removal of the assortment, putting the cutting access roads in order.

      Sales of Forests and
      Cutting Areas

      We help to forest owners to sale cutting areas or forest properties for the highest price in the market at the relevant moment.

      Forest Cutting and Removal

       The forest cutting and the forest removal services.

      Chip and Wood Export (by

      We offer the full service: we organise terrestrial transportation to a seaport, uploading in a ship, necessary documentation etc.

      Forest Management

      We offer management services for your forest property ensuring sustainable perspectives for your forest land. Due to proper forest management, the owner can got stable earnings with a significant increase in value.

      The aim of the forest management is forming the forest as a sustainable value, thus promoting increasing of the forest fund and preserving its biological diversity.