Blue spruce in pot 0.8-1m


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Picea pungens, commonly called Blue spruce  is a medium to large, narrow, pyramidal conifer with horizontal branching to the ground. Stiff, bristly, four-angled, green to blue-green to silver-blue needles (to 5 cm long) point outward from the branches in all directions. From a horticultural standpoint, trees with blue or silver blue foliage are generally more coveted than trees with green foliage.

The height of the fir tree is indicated together with the pot.

It is recommended to keep in cool rooms. To preserve the appearance of the Christmas tree for longer, it should be watered regularly, but not overwatered.
If the Christmas tree is kept in warm rooms, it is recommended to regularly spray it with water. Place the tree away from radiators and other heat sources, protecting the tree from drying out.
If there is a warm floor in the room where the fir tree stands,it will contribute to the drying and shedding of the needles.


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