To create a garden is not a simple mission. It is necessary to think over a lot of various elements and steps taking into account that also in the next your you will desire to continue its greening. Therefore, our company SIA “Winterstyle” provides consulting services in garden creating from zero giving an insight both in choosing of plants and combining in beds thereof.

Composing of a garden is rooted in a vision on one’s dream garden. In this stage, it will be useful to look in Internet, books, or travel images in order to find an understanding about the most appropriate garden style. Furthermore, the wishes and the needs of other family members are important to take into account. It will be necessary to think about the time and resources you are ready to spend for the garden cultivation that is one of the most important considerations in the process of garden projection. Then after, one can start to drawn a sketch. When the garden plan is ready, one can prepare the territory: put it in order and set paths and beds.

We perform the jobs anywhere in Latvia.

Garden Project

To create a garden without a project is the same as to build a house without foundation. The mission of garden projecting is to ensure the functionality of an area respecting relief, ecology, visual and historical factors. In the process of the garden projecting, the landscape architect elaborates a sketch project with area zonation, schematic location of paths and squares, of plant groups, and of small architectural forms, lighting scheme with appliance types, and visual information of plants.

Planting of Ornamental Trees and Bushes

Planting quality of trees and bushes significantly affects their further growing. Trees are particularly sensitive to an improper planting quality. Entrust those works to our professionals.

We perform shaping and cutting of hedges.

Greenhouse Construction

We offer the services of construction and instalment of professional and amateur type greenhouses of various sizes anywhere in Latvia. We provide consulting for customers in issues relating to instalment, maintenance, heating, watering, etc.

Pond Creation

Artificial water bodies decorate gardens with a mirror-like surface of water and reflections of heaven, trees, bushes, and flowers on it. In the process of digging and deepening a pond, not only the depth and the shape of a water body are important, but also its fitting in the complex landscape. Therefore, we plan the relief shaping. Range of earthworks performed by our company includes removal of soil layers, displacement of the surplus ground, and digging of ponds. After consulting with our company professionals, it is possible to plan and incarnate various ideas, for instance, digging of a pond of unusual shape, or creation of a pond following special need of a customer.

Water Supply

We drill borehole, install spikes, drill well pits, and perform water supply installation up to the consumer.

Works with Pesticide

The necessity to use plant protection products may differ depending on climate, environment, and geographical location.

We provide spraying services of all kinds for your backyard garden. If you desire to get to know how to use plant protection products and to choose the appropriate ones, do not hesitate to contact our staff who has all necessary experience of work with plant protection products.

Lawn Creation 

Lawn creation services include:

Ground planing, milling, laying of black soil, smoothing, removal of roots, stones, and other impurities, tamping, sowing, mixture of lawn seeds, and mineral fertilizers. We perform those works in short time limits and in high quality according to the customer’s preferences.

We also perform shaping and cutting of hedges.

Sale of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees

It is possible to buy ornamental trees from a wide range for your garden or public greenery.

We work on project implementation only.

Garden Watering System

We provide assistance and consulting in choosing of an appropriate watering system. Instalment of a watering system and watering methods depend on the things to be watered: lawn, planting, or other. We offer to install automatic watering systems, and to purchase necessary devices for their installation.

Grass Mowing

Grass cutting works are performed with the most appropriate means – trimmers, mower machines, lawn tractors, or other machines equipped by a mower or a milling device.

We offer to gather and remove all the mowed grass from your area for a favourable price.

Paving Works

Pavement is one of the most popular road coverings for roads, kerbs, access roads, park places, recreation zones, backyards, garden paths etc.

We offer to make pavements of concrete, clinker, and granite, as well as hammered and non-hammered cobblestones and boulders. For pavement, we use certified materials ensuring quality and long service life for our works..

Fencing Works

We project, manufacture, and install fences. Our offer includes fencing for both middle and high security levels. Our additional specialty is instalment of sliding gates. Please contact us, and we will manufacture and install for you fences of any complexity.

Fences not only exercise the protective function, but also serves as a design element for the yard. For this reason, choosing a material for fencing, it is important to take into consideration your future vision of your yard.