Barrel saunas are becoming more popular in Latvia due to a number of preferences:

  • Ecological value – barrel shaped saunas are made of clear, natural wood, and their exterior are processed with a protective layer
  • Economy aspect – the air temperature reaches +70°C in only 20 minutes. One can maintain the temperature putting billets in the heater one by one
  • Affordable price – comparing with the saunas or bathhouses of other kinds, the barrel saunas cost cheaper
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Easy maintenance – the floor is removable
  • Different sizes and complete sets are available
  • They are mobile and easy displaceable thanks to their compact size and small weight.
  • They may be installed in any place without a requirement to obtain any construction permits


Round barrel shaped saunas are easy displaceable, installable, easy to maintain, and compact, as well as different sizes and complete sets are available at your choice.

Oval barrel shaped saunas excel with their original design and are suitable for those who prefer more space and comfort.

The saunas can be equipped by:

  • A panoramic window;
  • Additional shelves;
  • Various furniture;
  • Porches;
  • Terraces;
  • A shower;
  • Etc.



    Log Cabin Bathhouses

    We offer log cabin bathhouses – small one-storey buildings for few persons. Wider bathhouses also are available: two-storeyed or with the ground floor and the attic, where the sauna are in the ground floor (heating room, shower section, toilet room, and recreation room), but the upper floor may be used as a bedroom or recreation zone. It is possible to make a balcony or a loggia for the upper floor, or a terrace for the ground floor. Such a bathhouse serves as an excellent place for recreation together with family members or friends!

    Construction of a log cabin bathhouse up to the key handover: ≈ 850€/1m², measuring by the building.

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